Would you like to Activate your Goddess Essence?

And Discover your Divine Feminine Energy?

Would you like the Goddesses to help you release what no longer serves you?

So you can radiate in your Divine Light?

If so, I’d like to introduce to you…


This powerful Upgrade Bundle includes SEVEN potent Healings, Attunements, Activations and Journeys with the Goddesses that will help you to activate your unique Divine Feminine Energy!

The Goddesses will help you identify and let go of any fears or limiting beliefs that you are ready to release. This will help you to discover your Divine Light and Goddess Power!

The Guidebook with a brief description of each Attunement and Healing along with additional steps and tips guides you through your Journey to Discover your Divine Feminine Essence!

Use this Meditation Bundle as a tool to connect with your Goddesses Within on a much deeper level. Get to know the Divine Feminine Energy and let the Goddesses guide you on this Journey!

Are you ready to radiate your Feminine  Goddess Essence? Then this bundle is perfect to awaken your Goddess Codes! Let Ascended Masters and Goddesses Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen and many more phenomenal Divine Feminine Energies guide you!




This powerful Moon Release Ritual and Healing was channeled and recorded directly under the bright light of the powerful Wolf Moon/Lunar Eclipse in January 2019. I channeled the cleansing powers into the recording so you can use this Healing whenever you need it most. It also helps you cleanse your chakras and supercharges them with pure Source Light!

And the Goddesses help you release anything that doesn’t serve you.


This Meditation helps you to get into a more calm, centred, focused and receptive space.

It will help you to become more receptive to the Divine Feminine Energy that is starting to enter your life and your being.

It includes powerful and balancing affirmation as well as Divine Feminine Mantras. Linked up with your breath, it will help you start to embody them more and more.


This Healing is a very deep and powerful way to help you release old wounds, trauma and stuck emotions from your heart space. The Goddesses will accompany you on a magical journey to a powerful sacred healing place and Mother Mary will work on your heart.

This Healing is very powerful. Sit down before you do start and identify what you are ready to release from your heart in order to heal. The Goddesses will help you during the journey as well should you be unclear on what to release.


This Healing is a very deep and powerful way to help you release old imprints, emotions, toxic memories and violations from your womb space.

Your womb is a sacred energy centre of the Divine Feminine and deserves deep clearing of old trauma and negative emotional or sexual experiences.

The Goddesses savely guide and accompany you to a Sacred Healing Space where you’ll bath in deeply cleansing and rejuvenating energy and unique plasma. Mother Mary will work on your womb space and via a sacred practise clear any emotional debris or imprints from your Divine Space of Creation.


This Attunement helps you to tap deeper into your capacity to love, honour, accept and respect yourself, just as you are.

It opens you up to the Love of Source and the Goddesses that is always available to you.

It helps you to see your worthiness and anchor in a deeper feeling of deserving.

Loving yourself is the prerequisite to manifesting your desires and be successful in life on all levels.


This Healing includes a part which helps you to identify which fears and false beliefs you hold in your energy and subconscious mind.

We often struggle to feel happy, balanced and aligned because we are not fully or sometimes not at all aware of some of the fears and beliefs we hold deep within.

The Goddesses help you to shed light on those during this Healing and subsequently to release all which doesn’t serve you.

This is an important step in manifesting your goals and desire because it brings blind-spots to your awareness so that you can then release what holds you back.



Let the Goddesses take you on a very unique and special journey to meet YOUR Inner Goddess!

This is a one-of-a-kind Journey with the Goddesses to an amazing place where you can discover and connect with your Divine Feminine Essence on a whole new level!

Get directly in touch with your Inner Goddess and learn to embody her!

Let the Goddesses celebrate you in all your radiance, glory and worthiness!

This is a very special experience and one that every woman should allow herself to receive!

It will make you GLOW!!!



Book the Bundle via this next link below or scroll down for the a special Upgrade Offer:
Meditation AND Private Goddess Essence Session

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Complete Goddess Bundle – as above, value $400


Private GODDESS ESSENCE Session (45 min) – value $250

… for only $244…!!!

In this time-limited introductory offer, we will work together in a private session one-on-one to strengthen your connection with the Goddesses and Divine Feminine Energies.

Depending on what you need at the time, you’ll receive: 

  • Personal Channeling of the Goddesses on your most pressing questions or challenges


  • Healing with the Goddesses


  • If we have time, I’ll also teach you powerful tools and practices to strengthen your Divine Feminine Energy, Magnetism and Flow!


After payment, you’ll be redirected automatically to the download page
and I’ll send you a link to my online calender to schedule your Private Goddess Essence Session!

You’ll also receive the download link via email.

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and booking page, please let me know and I’ll send both manually asap!

Nina working with you these past few months has been so special and AMAZING 

Your unique psychic and healing abilities have transformed me in so many ways!! So grateful for the opportunity to work with you

– Brigitte O'Bery

Thank you so so much for Everything! Im actually blown away by that experience 😄 💕 Its so amazing when someone sees right through to ones invisible side. You are very gifted! ❤️

Thank You Nina! ❤️ The gifts and light and wonderful insights from the invisible side just keep coming after our session last week. Seems they never stop 😄💕

Thank you! I feel a significant shift in myself after our session, its amazing! I go within a lot, and my whole heartspace feels like (i see it too) a huge turqoise pool of water where i am in the middle jumping up and down, making waves outward. Its so lovely and serene. 😊

A client from Finland

I had a private session with the beautiful and spiritually gifted Nina, as well as participated in a group even with her. Not only is she gifted, her loving energy and Divine connections to the lovely Goddesses and the Spiritual Realm is AWESOME.


I am so blessed to know this lovely soul. I recommend Nina highly and look forward to watching her and participating in her group for years to come. 

Thank you 🙏🏽 Nina, for sharing your Divine gifts in a way that transcends this Earthly Realm and lifts all to higher self. 

Love & hugs  🤗 🌸 😇 🌸 💟 🌹 🌹 🌹

– Joan T.

I am currently working with Nina in her 12 week 1-on-1 mentorship program, I am only halfway through and I have experienced so much healing and growth within myself  

Nina provides a loving and nurturing space with invaluable tools and teachings which have helped me truly understand what it feels like to connect to my heart space and feel the love within me.

Nina’s meditations have been AMAZING from removing blocks to meeting my “Higher Self”.

You are a gifted Healer and Mentor and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be working with you on my journey of healing and expansion 🙏🙏

Thank you beautiful Nina 

– Brigitte O'Bery

I started my weekly Meridian Energy Healing sessions with Nina two weeks ago and I am very excited about the results that I am getting!!

Nina is an amazing energy healer and she follows her intuition and knows exactly where the healing needs to be done. Nina has lovely healing energy and her voice is so calming and soothing.

She was guided to work on my heart meridian on our last call and she was spot on discovering the energetic blocks that I need to work on so I can move forward with my life and business.

Nina was also able to uncover what exactly has caused these blockages. If you feel drawn to work with Nina, do not hesitate to contact her!

Thank you Nina, I am looking forward to our next session this Sunday 

– Elitsa Maneva

Psychic Healer & Spiritual Mentor