You had a magic wand and could turn around your biggest challenge or issue that is holding you back from what you really desire?



You could discover the root issues of your biggest blocks, so they’d stop sabotage your life… or even your business?



You had the opportunity to heal your weakest spot, on a deep level and discover your true magnificence?


WHAT IF… within 6 weeks, you could heal and transform completely the area in your life in which you are stuck. That you just cannot overcome… That keeps popping up to rear its ugly head… That keeps you from following your dreams?


What if you had 6 weeks to completely turn this around?

Would you go for it?

…So you can finally thrive and live the life you deserve?

…So you can finally overcome any past trauma, challenge, adversity, fear or block that stands between you and the life or business you truly want?

Would you deep-dive into the solution?

If the answer is YES, this is exactly the right spot for you!



… is a powerful 6-week deep transformational space in which we work on exactly that!

In a profound deep-state healing modality, I help you uncover what your TRUE hold-up is that keeps you from healing, from being successful or from going after what you truly desire…

In your personal life… Or in your business!

Do you struggle with fears, doubts, limiting beliefs?

Do you feal defeated by trauma, lack of abundance, or lack of confidence?

Have you tried tons of stuff to overcome your problems, but just can’t seem to turn things around?

Are you trying to get your business off the ground, make more money or expand your business, but it’s just not happening?

All these issues have specific root causes in your past or your energy field. And in order for you to move forward powerfully…

You have to identify, heal, release and transform those areas!

But often times, people keep struggling with the same issues over and over and over again, even though they try to do the work…

And this is because there are unconscious blocks, energies or trauma that effect them.

The consequences can be inability to heal body, mind and soul, attract and maintain fulfilling, passionate relationships, overcoming addictions, inability to shed unwanted weight, create a more flowing, enjoyable life for yourself the list goes on…

It can even effect your business, if you are an entrepreneur. Perhaps you’ve done so much to get your business going, to sign up clients, to make your products and services be seen and received well, to make a great living by doing what you love… But somehow, it just won’t move forward. 

This can be incredibly frustrating because all you want and desire is real healing, freedom, success, happiness, prosperity and abundance and a joyful, aligned, purposeful life, right?



…isn’t just your regular

healing or coaching package…

Real & tangible results my clients have working with me:

  • Financial and business success after healing their outdated “money story”
  • New clients signed shortly after our session
  • New business  and career opportunities, job offers
  • A new book deal
  • Deeper connection to themselves, their intuition and inner guidance
  • Healing past hurt, trauma and pain (physial, emotional, mental) from past lives, childhood and beyond
  • Healing broken family dynamics that had gone on for decades
  • Complete turn-around of relationships with relatives and loved ones they had already given up on
  • Greater self-love, confidence and self-esteem that manifested them new job opportunitites, new business and a whole new level of joy and freedom in their life
  • Overcoming grief and loss
  • Released neediness and disempowerment and turned them into powerful self-responsibilty
  • Healing visibility fears – for the first time feeling ready and excited to put their soul’s work out into the public
  • Taking action after years of procrastination

    Everyone who implements what we’ve worked towards in the sessions gets consistent results, regardless of where they are at. And Deep-Dive takes it to an ever higher level, because…

Deep-Dive Transformation combines not only one, but FIVE powerful elements
that perfectly flow & blend into each other to give you the Deepest Transformation:


●   Deep Subconscious Transformational Therapy, a profound HEALING THERAPY in which I guide you into a deep, powerful subconscious state to identify, heal and over-write the exact issues that are holding you back. This is a 2 hrs long session from which you’ll leave with a powerful transformation and reprogramming of your inner state

●   Energy Work/Healing: In this component, we work through any remnant energies or patterns that sabotage you and to set your energy in a way that is aligned with your true potential!

●   Mindset Magic: I provide you with powerful mindset upgrades and techniques to change your thoughts and subconscious blocks once and for all if applied consistently…  This is to empower you to become the best version of yourself and to show you that truly, there are not limits!

●   Success Mentoring: We don’t always dare to think big and see what we can achieve. Sometimes it requires a little help to open you up to the gems that lie beneath. Using Success Mentoring, I’ll show you what your true potential is and how you can start stepping into the energy of your calling, your soul-aligned passion and we unleash what is inside of you so you can step out and impact your own life and the world in the way you are truly meant to!

●   Intuitive Work: This guides you towards exactly the next steps to create success, fulfillment and pure positive potential in your personal life… or in your business!

Deep Subconscious Transformational Therapy, already on it’s own is an incredibly powerful stand-alone healing & transformational therapy worth a minimum of $350 per hour.

Combined with the 5 other elements of energy work, mindset power, success mentoring and emotional mastery, the transformational experience of our 6 weeks together is …HUGE!


I am grateful we worked together that day. I truly felt and knew that it was a game changer put to use in the biggest of circumstances. Thank you.

I feel your support every day. I am ready for that second call. I’ve had a lot thrown at me emotionally over the summer and I am super proud of who I’ve been throughout. I am so glad we went ahead with the deep work call. I know it made a difference in so many aspects of the last weeks.

So grateful for your beautiful presence in my life!

– A private client from the U.S.

Your time to suffer, feel stuck, feel overwhelmed or feel less than is OVER.

It’s time for you to HEAL.

It’s time for you to THRIVE.

…To access your Freedom, Power and Potential!

I can’t wait to see you heal, thrive and step into your potential!

The Deep-Dive Transformation 6-week Package includes:

3 bi-weekly Private Power Sessions
+ Unlimited Support between Sessions:

  • 1x Deep Subconsious Transformational Therapy Session (2hrs)Value $350
  • 1x Powerful Personalised Reprogramming Recording that’s helping you to overcome the exact limiting beliefs, confidence issues, fears and doubts that block you so you can effortlessly integrate a new, empowered way of thinking, being and doing… in any areas of your personal life OR your business! I personalise and design this recording specifically for you so it can build on, deepens and expands the transformation from the actual session.Value: $150
  • 2 further private Sessions via Zoom after the initial DSTT Session, in bi-weekly intervals (weekly if you prefer), 60 mins. You will receive powerful energy work/healing, mindset mentoring, emotional mastery tools, intuitive guidance in the Personal Edition of the package and additional business strategy for the Biz Edition specifically.Value: $500
  • Unlimited Personal Support via Messenger, voice and text, (or E-Mail if preferred) in between sessions for the entire duration of the programme (6 weeks)Value: $555



It is time for you to let go of your blocks and challenges so you can step into your unlimited potential, your true freedom and fulfillment!

Client after the 1st session we had amidst a lot of trauma in their life:

“Thank you for the beautiful session today! I shifted so much in the 2 hrs we worked together. It was like a healing balm was poured over me and I feel more peaceful and maybe even optimistic.

Thank you for the wonderful meditations I have heard them a few times already.

Thanks again for a magical session!

– A private client from the U.S.


Business Edition

The Deep-Dive PERSONAL Transformation helps you overcome any blocks, trauma, restrictions or limitations you experience in your personal life, such as low self-esteem, anxiety, fears, phobia, conditions, addictions etc.

This is for you if:

  • You’d like to increase your self-worth and confidence.
  • Create abuandance and prosperity in your life.
  • Build your personal success and life quality.
  • Optimise your body, health, wellbeing.
  • Create real joy and ease in your life.
  • Build healthy, loving and lasting relationships that fulfill you.
  • Have a career that feels rewarding and aligned.

If you feel limited or stuck and unable to thrive in any of these areas, this package is the perfect one for you!

The Deep-Dive BUSINESS Transformation helps you overcome any blocks, challenges, restrictions or limitations you experience in your business or as an entrepreneur.

This is for you if you would like to:

  • Succeed as an entrepreneur.
  • Create a thriving business or practice.
  • Market your products or services profitably.
  • Strengthen your confidence in your abilitites, gifts and talents as a spiritual entrepreneur, healer, coach/mentor, light worker etc.
  • Create real and lasting success in your business.
  • Build an aligned and loyal clientele that gets real results from your products and services.
  • Build a buisness that feels rewarding and aligned.
  • Create the levels of wealth, abundance and prosperity that you desire.
  • Have a success mindset that works for you in creating the lifestyle you desire. 

If you feel limited or stuck and unable to thrive in any of these areas, this package is the perfect one for you!

Are you ready to claim your freedom, uninhibited life & live the life you deserve?


Are you ready to let go of what keeps you small and limited so you can rise, thrive and unfold you true power in your life?


You get ALL this for ONLY $999!!!

That is THREE powerful one-on-one sessions, PLUS unlimited support in between sessions.

Plans start at ONLY $388


Are you ready to create the business you desire to enable the lifestyle you desire AND make the impact you came here to make?


You get ALL this for ONLY $1499!!!

That is THREE powerful one-on-one sessions, PLUS support in between sessions.

Plan starts at only $555

Please note that this is an INTRODUCTORY PRICE which will be increasing after the intro phase!

Deep-Dive Transformation Personal Edition will eventually go up to $1200.

Deep Dive Transformation Business Edition will eventually go up to $1800.

Freedom from the biggest problems and challenges in your personal life and business is pretty much priceless.

How much do you value your freedom, limitless life and unrestricted potential?

Can you even put a price tag on this?

Be sure to book your package now to secure the current pricing!

I can’t wait to help you unleash any limitations so you can experience what is truly meant & destined for you!

– PERSONAL Edition –

Pay in full

One payment of $999 is due upon signing up and will be paid in full
(Best Value)

Three Payments

A payment of $388 is due upon signing up followed by two more payments in fortnightly intervals.
(Total investment: $1146)

– BUSINESS Edition –

Pay in full

One payment of $1499 is due upon signing up and will be paid in full
(Best Value)

Three Payments

A payment of $555 is due upon signing up followed by two more payments in fortnightly intervals.
(Total investment: $1665)

After payment, you will be redirected to my online scheduling calender to book your first session.
If your browser does not redirect you, please send me a message!

ALL sessions must be paid in full PRIOR to scheduling.
If you are on a payment plan, your next session must be paid prior to scheduling. 

Oh Nina, so much juice!!! Guys, jump on anything Nina! Working with her in various areas has changed my life! I was drowning with mindset issues, but she fished me out of the water! 

Miriam Sekandi

Energy Coach, Healer & Mindset Mentor

Thank you so so much for Everything! Im actually blown away by that experience 😄 💕 Its so amazing when someone sees right through to ones invisible side. You are very gifted! ❤️

Thank You Nina! ❤️ The gifts and light and wonderful insights from the invisible side just keep coming after our session last week. Seems they never stop 😄💕

Thank you! I feel a significant shift in myself after our session, its amazing! I go within a lot, and my whole heartspace feels like (i see it too) a huge turqoise pool of water where i am in the middle jumping up and down, making waves outward. Its so lovely and serene. 😊

A client from Finland

You are an inspiration, Nina! I am truly grateful that you followed your soul’s purpose that gave us the opportunity to meet each other. You have made such an impact in my life! Thank you!

Leslie Tremblay

Best Selling Author

I don’t think there is enough good things I can say about this powerful Psychic.

She channels on point and she is sweet and powerful in her delivery.

I highly recommend her all the way!

Anita Garza

The Soul Centered Psychic Biz Chick

I am currently working with Nina in her 12 week 1-on-1 mentorship program, I am only halfway through and I have experienced so much healing and growth within myself  

Nina provides a loving and nurturing space with invaluable tools and teachings which have helped me truly understand what it feels like to connect to my heart space and feel the love within me.

Nina’s meditations have been AMAZING from removing blocks to meeting my “Higher Self”.

You are a gifted Healer and Mentor and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be working with you on my journey of healing and expansion 🙏🙏

Thank you beautiful Nina 

– Brigitte O'Bery

I had a private session with the beautiful and spiritually gifted Nina, as well as participated in a group even with her. Not only is she gifted, her loving energy and Divine connections to the lovely Goddesses and the Spiritual Realm is AWESOME.


I am so blessed to know this lovely soul. I recommend Nina highly and look forward to watching her and participating in her group for years to come. 

Thank you 🙏🏽 Nina, for sharing your Divine gifts in a way that transcends this Earthly Realm and lifts all to higher self. 

Love & hugs  🤗 🌸 😇 🌸 💟 🌹 🌹 🌹

– Joan T.