Mastering Personal Power through next-level Energy Secrets

Work with the Energy within you and around you to create:

Abundance, Prosperity & Money

Harmony & Clarity

Ease & Flow


Healthy, Fulfilling Relationships

Vibrant & Energised Body

Intuition & Insight

Protection & Boundaries

Magnetism & Attraction

Divine Feminine Energy


In Energy Alchemy you will learn to masterfully direct energy within and around you in a powerful, heart-based, soul-fuelled way to cleanse, purify, nourish, optimise and supercharge your body, mind and spirit.

You will walk out of this space confidently working with energy and creating a more aligned, abundant and empowered life through Energy Alchemy.

With this very specific type of energy work you will be able to be more confident and trusting in yourself and whatever comes your way.

You will be able to deal with negative emotions in a whole new way and utilise the powerful energy beneath emotions to alchemise them into empowerment and success.

You will master healthy boundaries and creating an aligned space for yourself inside and out.

Through this type of energy work, you create personal power, presence and magnetism.

You’ll be able to use your Divine Feminine Energy to the fullest, with bliss, joy, fun and ease!

World-class tools, practices and insights in the programme will help you move through life and master all kinds of situations  – stessfull, challengig, scary, frustrating – with more confidence, ease and flow.

Because you will feel safe and secure in yourself, you own skin, your own energy no matter where you are.

– In the relationship with yourself.

– In the connections with others.

– In your personal life, family and your romantic relationships.

– At your workplace and in your business.

– In your spiritual connections.


Mastering Energy in the way it’s taught in ENERGY ALCHEMY means directing it in a responsible, heart-centred way so you can master your life, so you can master manifesting and make the most out of your spiritual connections.

ENERGY ALCHEMY blends years of practise and the study of energy work, different energy systems from all possible angles and unites it in this one programme.

What you get are Energy Secrets that are extremely effective!
I use them myself every single day.

EA combines the practical, down-to-Earth with the woo and more advanced techniques to blend it into a powerful & comprehensive spectrum that you will LOVE to use every single day.

The ENERGY ALCHEMY that I practise and teach has amazing effects on our body, our energy, the way we think, feel and live our lives, and on our mind and soul.

On top of that, ENERGY ALCHEMY  is infused with the wisdom of the best energy systems in the world, both ancient and modern, both well-known and underground!


In this 12-week Programme I’ll share with you Energy Alchemy, Energy Secrets, Energetic Tools and Practises on:

⋗  Optimising your chakras – this is not your usual chakra module, so get ready for next level!

⋗  Using Earth and Cosmic Energy to heal, cleanse, connect and nourish yourself

⋗  Cultivating and playing with Divine Feminine Energy to amplify your Magnetism, Confidence and Vibe so you become a Super Attractor for what you desire

⋗  Clearing and amping up your vibration – getting your energy squeaky clean and maximising your frequency

⋗  Releasing blocks through Energy Alchemy and Emotional Mastery

⋗  Manifesting the Life you Desire

⋗  Elevating your Happiness, Satisfaction & Bliss

⋗  Getting the Guidance, Connection and Support you need and desire – Receiving Answers to your most pressing issues

⋗  Creating Harmony with yourself  – no more lack of clarity, frustration, anger, doubt

⋗  Accelerate the Healing and Wellbeing of your Body and Energy Levels

⋗  Magnetise New Relationships or Drastically  improve existing ones

⋗  Tapping into Alignment, Purpose, Pleasure and Play

⋗  Connection to your Intuition, Higher Mind, Source Energy & Guides


Plus Bonus Module:




One of the most powerful things I’ve practised and experienced is…

Fusing Mindset & Energy work + the Alchemical Force of the Body

I am a big believer in holistic approaches and have seen time and time again that isolated work often doesn’t bring the desired long-term benefits.

In EA, we go in-depth with this powerful fusion, we are literally mastering Energetic Alchemy!

In 12 weekly modules, you learn the full-spectrum of energy work that actually WORKS – hands-on and with lots of support. Including powerful mindset work that complements the Energetics for even more impact and transformation!

Through this work my clients have changed agitated family energies into living aligned and harmoniously. They have optimised their health and energy levels, become stronger, more aligned, successful and fulfilled at their workplace. And my work has even helped high-level directors and business managers create more team success and better leadership amongst so many other incredible results.

It blows my mind time again how efficiently and consistently this specific way of Energy Alchemy works.

I use my Energy Alchemy daily to boost my health and wellbeing, align my business and attract amazing clients that are super fun to work with.

Energy Alchemy is something that flows into every part of my peronal life, my manifesting and my business with consistent results.

We start January 9…

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Hi Nina!  I have to say that our session and the Energy Work you taught me has lifted me in so many ways, to know who I am deep down. Doing the Energy Practise with Earth and Cosmic Energies is just so empowering every time, since it really speaks to who I identify myself to be  Thanks again!!

A client from Scandinavia

Thank you so so much for Everything! Im actually blown away by that experience 😄 💕 Its so amazing when someone sees right through to ones invisible side. You are very gifted! ❤️

Thank You Nina! ❤️ The gifts and light and wonderful insights from the invisible side just keep coming after our session last week. Seems they never stop 😄💕

Thank you! I feel a significant shift in myself after our session, its amazing! I go within a lot, and my whole heartspace feels like (i see it too) a huge turqoise pool of water where i am in the middle jumping up and down, making waves outward. Its so lovely and serene. 😊

A client from Finland

Oh Nina, so much juice! Guys, jump on anything Nina!

Working with her in various areas has changed my life!

I was drowning in mindset issues, but she fished me out of the water!

Miriam Sekandi

Life Coach

I had a private session with the beautiful and spiritually gifted Nina, as well as participated in a group even with her. Not only is she gifted, her loving energy and Divine connections to the lovely Goddesses and the Spiritual Realm is AWESOME.


I am so blessed to know this lovely soul. I recommend Nina highly and look forward to watching her and participating in her group for years to come. 

Thank you 🙏🏽 Nina, for sharing your Divine gifts in a way that transcends this Earthly Realm and lifts all to higher self. 

Love & hugs  🤗 🌸 😇 🌸 💟 🌹 🌹 🌹

– Joan T.