In GODDESS ALCHEMY, a 10-week Goddess Quantum Container, you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know to live from and through Goddess, Wellbeing and Prosperity Consciousness!

It’s a Quantum Space in which you’ll lay the foundations for your big dreams to be created and birthed.

It’s a Container in which you shake off the old paradigm and step into a whole new level.

It’s here for you to set up a soul-based, heart-centred, nourishing foundation for you to infuse life into your vision and mission.

We set you up with all the necessary foundations: the success mindset, the nourishment your Goddess body and energy needs to thrive and radiate.

For your energy to expand in a way that enables you to bring forth all you desire!

We create practical, everyday circumstances for you to live an uncompromised life in a completely new consciousness.

To fuel your purpose, your stream of wellbeing, your vision and your mission.

For an incredible life, an incredible impact.

No matter what.

It’s all happening! The question is, are you allowing yourself to be part of it?

Imagine you could start being the Goddess you’ve always wanted to be in your relationship. Embodying the Queen that you are, heart-centred, connected.

Imagine being a Business Goddess and rocking the stage as a Divine Feminine entrepreneur.

Imagine being a Money & Prosperity Goddess.
Who knows the laws of abundance and knows to master her energy with it.

Imagine feeling like a Goddess in your body, your own skin.

And so much more!

Would you like to feel…




… Divinely expressed in your feminine energy?


Because it feels ecstatic to be


GODDESS ALCHEMY is a powerful temple, a comprehensive space for the Divine Feminine to feel safe, to be nourished, to be expressed. It is a 10-week online retreat in which you can truly unfold all of your Goddess aspects, all of your Goddess Magic, all of your Goddess potential.

After the success of the predecessor programme, Divine Feminine Alchemy, we’ve upgrade, re-structured, supercharged and expanded the wonderful Divine Feminine offering and created something entirely new and powerful!

GODDESS ALCHEMY emcompasses all topics around the DIVINE FEMININE that you need to unleash your feminine power. It starts on 24 September.

Here are just some of the content we’ll cover:


You know this feeling when you see an imagine of a Goddess or a real-life woman who feels incredible in her body and in herself? That has such a magnetic force, such a magical atmosphere around here that makes her irresistable to what she desire with heart and soul?
You can become this Goddess


Feelings and emotions define the feminine. We’ve been conditioned out of this natural, magical space that the Divine Feminine fills with such grace, poise and splendor… when she is simply being and allowing.


The Divine Feminine is the holder of  wisdom and the conduit of energy and intuition. Learn how to tap into yours and change your life, how you approach it and bring deep intuitive connection and wisdom back into your reality.


The feminine has always been intricately linked with the power of the Moon. Harness it! Learn how to get in tune with your own Moon Cycle & optimise your life, your manifesting, your emotions & your energy with it!
Dive into Divine Feminine Moon Mysteries!


Supercharge your life with the creation power of sensual & organsmic manifesting, with attracting with ease and with pleasure like a true Goddess. Goddesses are magical manifesting beings when we use our gifts as we are meant to.


When you know the secrets to balancing both energy polarities with you, you can shift doubt and failure to success, fear and insecurities to strengths, lack to abundance and create a whole new reality inside and around you – including in your relationships!


It’s your time to shine, radiate and glow! This isn’t done by pushing, toiling or pillaging your energy. It’s by tuning into Diving Flow and the Feminine is a Mistress of letting the Divine Flow through her!


As women, we all tend to deplete ourselves in various ways, whether we realise it or now. This is your chance to recharge in exquisite ways, all aspects of your body and femininity.


Learn to embody your powerful and feminine Goddess Essence that is totally unique to YOU… With pleasure and joy. And with natural, unforced and magnetic confidence!


Powerful tools & practices to clear, strenghten,
amplify your physical, emotional, auric and spiritual energy.
Supercharging your feminine attraction power, your magnetising effect, your way of being and living.
Increasing the feeling of wellbeing in your body and in your emotions.

The teachings, transmissings, channelings, practices
and tools you receive in GODDESS ALCHEMY allow you to:


Feel and be tuned in, tapped in, turned on

Feel and be magnetic in your presence,

in your body, in your Divine Feminine Energy

Manifest powerfully through a beautiful balance
between your inner feminine and masculine energy. 

Understand and express your feelings, emotions
and desires to create a fulfilled life and rewarding relationships

Allow Divine Source Energy to flow through you in a
much strongerand more aligned way and harness its creating power


Take care of your Goddess body and use it in
the most optimised way for a pleasure-filled, blissful and balanced life.

Create balance through living connected with
Body, Mind, Spirit and Cosmos, pure Goddess-style!

Create more ease, fun, play, pleasure, ecstatic bliss…
Not just in your life in general, but specifically in your body and in your energy!

Let this delicious new way of being and feeling overlfow inside of you and stream
into all areas of your life: family, relationship, career, travel, business, health & longevity.

Create the life you truly desire and in
which you can feel the way you desire to feel and be! Uniquely as YOU!

And more depending on how deep and far you are ready & willing to take it!



△    10 Goddess-Energy infused teachings and transmissions held live via Zoom which are recorded. They are yours forever!

△    5 bi-weekly GODDESS ORACLE INTUITION TEMPLE Sessions in which I’ll support you to receive intuitive and spiritual guidance. I’ll channel the Goddesses and the Divine Feminine Energy and teach you how to tap into your own intuitive gifts. This is to empower you in using your own innate Guidance System. So you beecome more familiar with it and using it it with fun and ease. 

△    Energy Practices to activate, expand, supercharge and align your Feminine Magic, your Feminine Magnetism, your Feminine Super Attraction Power

△    Your PRIVATE Deep Subconscious Transformation Session 1-1 (around 2 hrs): Every woman, Every human on Earth should have access to one of these. This is the session where we heal and strip away what holds you back and unlock your pure Goddess potential. We reprogramme your subconscious mind into empowerment mode and you’ll receive a personal re-wiring recording tailered to exactly what you need to unleash your inner Goddess! This is 100% unique and can’t get this anywhere else! This session as a stand-alone is valued at $350, but you are getting it INCLUDED here!

△    Goddess Sisterhood in a private, safe and nourishing FB community where I give you ongoing support throughout the week!

But that’s still not all!

You also receive exclusive bonus material as you move through the programme:


△ Heart & Womb Cleansing and Healing (1.5hr recorded teaching + PDF Playbook, value $150)
△ Six powerful pre-recorded, frequency-encoded Energy Healings, Energy Attunements and Activations, including a Shamanic Journey with the Goddesses to discover and amplify your Goddess Essence (value $250)
This is a package that is 100% unique and holistic, embracing and including ALL parts of your being, your energy, your body and spirit. Not just isolated teachings or knowledge nuggets.
This programme will feed your experiential wisdom and help you to actually live and embody DIVINE FEMININITY in all its facets. In any area of your life!
Goddess Alchemy is a Quantum Container for you if are tired of the old way of doing things, if you are tired of having to grind and hustle and drain your energy, in your personal life, your relationships, your career and even in your business.
Goddess Alchemy is for you are done being subject to outer circumstances, situations and conditions. (You’ll learn how to create your life from the inside out and not based on false conditions.)
Goddess Alchemy is for you if you want to ignite and unleash your “true Goddess DNA” to bring Goddess flair and Goddess energy into your everyday life that YOU create!
It’s a programme for every woman who is ready to rever and honour her body, her soul, who she is and what she desires to create in this world!
Goddess Alchemy is for you if you want to make a difference in your life and live from a truly aligned, heart-based energy. No matter whether you are a stay-at-home mum, whether you are single or coupled up, whether you are rocking a successful career or whether you want to build or expand your business. This programme will help you to infuse all areas of your life with Quantum Goddess energy.
Goddess Alchemy is a programme for women who are ready to change and optimise their relationship with themselves and with those around them in an entirely new way.
Goddess Alchemy is for you if you are ready to take radical, loving and compassionate self-responsibility that will open up a whole new level of success, fulfilment and ecstatic, connected living for you!
And lastly, Goddess Alchemy is for you if you are ready to dive into the next level, the next paradigm. If you are dynamic and ready to change things up big time!
It’s a Quantum Container for every Goddess who is ready to drop the old and outdated, bring the best values with her and alchemise her reality into a completely new dimension of living!


 My mission is to help YOU see the VISIONARY IN YOU, to help you do and be all you desire to BE… For you to create greatness in your life and the world

–– from a nourished, ecstatic, harmonious space! 

Find client testimonials, a full Module Breakdown
and a variety of payment options below!


Weekly or bi-weekly payment plans available, message me to set it up.

Pay in full:
One-time payment of $1888

Payment Plan Option:

Three monthly payments of $633.
The first one is due upon sign-up, the other two in monthly intervals thereafter.

Total Investment: $1899

If you prefer a weekly or bi-weekly plan, message me to set it up.

Time-limited pop-up Payment Plan– EXTENDED PLAN:

This payment plan is only available from 24 September till 1st October as an exceptional option to be part of Goddess Alchemy for as little as $333 per months!

Six monthly payments of $333.
The first one is due upon sign-up, the other five installment in monthly intervals thereafter.

Total Investment: $1998

If you prefer a weekly or bi-weekly plan, message me to set it up.


Goddess Temple & Intuition School Session:

In the session, you learn powerful Divine Feminine Energy tools and practises via which you activate your unique feminine energy within. 

Some of the results: Your presence is amplified. Your magnetic power is supercharged. Your attraction power is throughs the roof!

You’ll also be guided into tapping into and fine-tuning your intuition on a deep level so you can stop looking for answers and solitons outside of you. Instead, you’ll have your personal Oracle within on speed dial. 

Module 0 = Prep Week 

This week eases you into the delectable Divine Feminine Energy you hold inside. 

It preps your nervous system so we can start going deep in Module 1. 

It includes a powerful Guided Subliminal Reprogramming Track to activate your Goddess Consciousness on a deep subconscious level. 

Module 1:

Activating your Source of Wellbeing

Most women live cut off from what’s most unique and sacred and in doing so, miss out on so much! This module teaches you in depth to re-connect, practice energy mastery and live in a quantum world instead of in a victimhood word. No matter where you are at in your spiritual, personal and professional/entrepreneurial journey, this will totally blow your mind and make you the Goddess of your own world. It will also teach you how to create desired emotions from scratch. A brilliant module that I know you’ll love and come back to for the rest of your life!

Module 2:

Living from the Inside out – Activating your inner Goddess Creatrix

We are taught to live from the outside in when really, we’ve had it all wrong and upside down. Live happens from the inside out and in this module we are deeply activating your inner Goddess Creatrix to you can live in your highest potential.  

Module 3:

Embodying Goddess, Being Queen

This model teaches and give you the exact processes and blueprints to embody YOUR inner, unique Goddess and Queen. This is an exceptional module and will change EVERYTHING if your are willing to implement just a little bit. 

Module 4:

Your Uncompromised, Unconditional and Unlimited Life

This one teaches you how to thrive and rise regardless of outer conditions or circumstances. It shows you how to live, love and embody unconditionally on a spiritually and personal level. It makes you untouchable to anything undesired! Any blocks or obstacles on your way to your extraordinary life? Worry not, this module has you back and will make all of that stuff totally uninteresting and irrelevant. So good! 

Module 5:

Quantum Nourishment Alchemy

Goddesses are the ultimate nourishers, but only if their cup is full. This module teaches you the keys, secrets and fast-tracks to optimal Goddess Nourishment on an entirely new level. Be ready for a whole new paradigm of physical energy, radiance and longevity. 

Module 6:

Body Flow for Queens

Quantum Body Practises for ultimate Wellbeing and Longevity. This one fuels your body on a physical and energetic level. Be ready for a next-level body image! 

Your body is your Goddess Temple and Modules 5 – 6 will make sure that it becomes and remains ultra magnetic, radiant, sexy, attractive, super comfortable to live in! 

Module 7:

Abundance Alchemy – Activating, Instaling and Living trough Money, Wealth and Prosperity Consciousness: 

We’ll approach money, manifesting abundance and affluence from a whole new angle so it sinks in very deep into your subconscious and conscious energy. Quantum Prosperity is here FOR you and this module teaches you HOW. 

Module 8:

Sensual & Orgasmic Manifesting + Quantum Breast Massage Bonus

This is going to be a hot topic, but one that is super accessible and doable for you! I won’t give away more, you’ll have to come and see for yourself!

Module 9:

Divine Feminine & Masculine – Creating harmony, intimacy, magnetic and connection internally and in your relationships

This is a true game-changer module in how you view the relationship with yourself, your partner (or the one you’d like to attract) and those around you.

Module 10:

Quantum Visioning: Designing our unique Vision & Mission

This module will take everything you’ve learned in Mod 1-9 to a whole new level and birth your special and extraordinary vision and mission for your life, for the world into the world. This is for you no matter whether you are a high-flyer, a budding entrepreneur or a stay-at-home mom. This module will bring out your ultimate PASSION BLUEPRINT that you get to use for anything you desire to envision and create from ultimate alignment. Powerful and priceless!

All modules are designed to support you at any point of your journey, no matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter what you want to achieve or create in your life. 

 All modules can be applied to your personal life, but many also to what you do professionally or as an entrepreneur, business owner. 

 All modules are designed to nourish you at the deepest level. 

 All modules are designed so you can come back to them over and over and over again and get more out of them ever time you re-take them. 

▽ All modules are designed for you to access and practise them for life as much as you desire, in exactly the way that suits YOU best. 

 All modules are designed to bring out your ultimate Goddess Queen, Goddess Genius, Warrioress, Creatrix and Empress. 



Weekly or bi-weekly payment plans available, message me to set it up.

Pay in full:
One-time payment of $1888

Find the 3-months Payment Plan and the time-limited Pop-up Extended Plan above!

Yessss! I struggled with learning to live in the flow, but you lovingly showed me how it’s done through the Divine Feminine Alchemy Course 🙏🏾🙏🏾 

Honestly people should jump on any of your offerings. Your beautiful soul pours through each module, meditation and activation!

Thanks for all you do Nina Kathrin ❤️❤️

Miriam Sekandi

Life Coach

I’m in tears as I write this. Oh Goddess Nina, from the bottom of my heart, thank you🙏. Before DFA started I took Nina’s Goddess program for only $11 and that began my deep connection with the Goddesses. While doing an activation in the program, I decided to doodle and I doodled a Goddess!! Being that I can’t draw a stick figure, I knew right then and there that I HAD to take Divine Feminine Alchemy. I didn’t know why or how, I knew I needed to grow this relationship with the Goddesses. And boy did I ever…

Nina ALWAYS over delivers and gives 110% in whatever she does. And talk about being heart centered! You can see her heart glowing through the computer screen. I had the pleasure to meet her in person in London and her energy is just out of this world 🌎.

During my time in DFA, through numerous healings, through her activations, through channeled messages, through her amazing in depth teachings, through her q&a’s, and on and on, I grew to be a Goddess myself💃🏻. Before I started DFA, I was always in a rush, always felt like I needed to be different, or there instead of here. I have come to really EMBODY my Goddess Self where I know it’s all perfect. I walk now with such grace, such ease, and allow the Universe to deliver what is already MINE. This alone is HUGE. To have built that confidence, that manifestation power, that connection, that heart ❤️.

I just channeled two Goddesses today that gave me extremely important messages and there’s no way that would’ve happened without Nina and her amazing program, Divine Feminine Alchemy. I can honestly say I have such love and appreciation for myself now…and I owe it to this program. Coming from someone that was severely bullied throughout school, I never thought that was even a possibility. Dreams certainly can come true.

Guys, if you’re feeling a pull at all, I HIGHLY recommend you jump right in!! No words can quite explain the life altering effects it had on me. Forever grateful 💗

Pauline Quackenbush

Oh Nina, so much juice! Guys, jump on anything Nina!

Working with her in various areas has changed my life!

I was drowning in mindset issues, but she fished me out of the water!

Miriam Sekandi

Life Coach

What can I say about this beautiful soul? Not enough. Really.
Nina is truly an amazing heart centred human being.
I first met Nina in January 2019 and shortly thereafter joined her Divine Feminine Alchemy (DFA) program. I decided to make this investment in myself for many reasons.
What I can tell you is my life has been changed because of this. I have seen so many improvements both personally and professionally. Becoming a better human improves so many areas of your life, trust me.
This was an extensive 3 month program and it needed to be. The amount of value I received is immeasurable. How do you put a price on personal growth and gains? You can’t.
Ending out 2018 I was exhausted, overwhelmed and desperately needed something to change. After just the first week of DFA I felt the fog lifting.
The program built upon itself. Learning one skill, applying it. Learning a new one, applying it, adding to your skill set and so on. There is incredible value here.
Since starting with Nina, the relationship with myself is better. The relationship with my husband and son has improved (I am much calmer and centred). Received a salary increase. I co-authored a book that became a best seller therefore making me a Best Selling author. I have another co-authored book being released in Oct 2019.
Received a offer for a new position in the company I work for that I was able to really tap in to my intuition and realize that it did not align with our family goals, I declined the offer – courage to say no is an incredible gift. All these accomplishments amongst others and it’s only August.
Whenever I get ‘stuck’ I have the lessons to reach back in to to help me move though the situation positively. We all have things to work on and thankfully I have added to my skill set that allows me to work through them, not around but through. As we up level our lives, new things emerge that need to be addressed. You get those skills. I continue to grow and engage with Nina for her immense guidance through her free and paid for programs.
Simply put, Nina is incredible and you will receive so much more than you expect. That was the case for me.
I wholeheartedly, 100%, recommended this to anyone wanting to move forward in their lives. Nina will help identify your blind spots and provide a course redirection.
Be willing and open to receive her beautiful teachings, channeling, and meditations.
Nina is worth every single penny you invest with her. You will get it back tenfold.
All the best to each and every one of you as you move through this beautiful life 💕 make it your best life and invest in yourself. You will not regret it 🌹
Leslie Tremblay

Best-selling Author