Oh Nina, so much juice! Guys, jump on anything Nina!

Working with her in various areas has changed my life!

I was drowning in mindset issues, but she fished me out of the water!

Dr. Miriam Sekandi

Doctor of Philosophy

Nina working with you these past few months has been so special and AMAZING 

Your unique psychic and healing abilities have transformed me in so many ways!! So grateful for the opportunity to work with you

– Brigitte O'Bery

Yessss! I struggled with learning to live in the flow, but you lovingly showed me how it’s done through the Divine Feminine Alchemy Course 🙏🏾🙏🏾 

Honestly people should jump on any of your offerings. Your beautiful soul pours through each module, meditation and activation!

Thanks for all you do Nina Kathrin ❤️❤️

Dr. Miriam Sekandi

Doctor of Philosophy

Thank you so so much for Everything! Im actually blown away by that experience 😄 💕 Its so amazing when someone sees right through to ones invisible side. You are very gifted! ❤️

Thank You Nina! ❤️ The gifts and light and wonderful insights from the invisible side just keep coming after our session last week. Seems they never stop 😄💕

Thank you! I feel a significant shift in myself after our session, its amazing! I go within a lot, and my whole heartspace feels like (i see it too) a huge turqoise pool of water where i am in the middle jumping up and down, making waves outward. Its so lovely and serene. 😊

A client from Finland

I had a private session with the beautiful and spiritually gifted Nina, as well as participated in a group even with her. Not only is she gifted, her loving energy and Divine connections to the lovely Goddesses and the Spiritual Realm is AWESOME.


I am so blessed to know this lovely soul. I recommend Nina highly and look forward to watching her and participating in her group for years to come. 

Thank you 🙏🏽 Nina, for sharing your Divine gifts in a way that transcends this Earthly Realm and lifts all to higher self. 

Love & hugs  🤗 🌸 😇 🌸 💟 🌹 🌹 🌹

– Joan T.

I had a wonderful clearing session with Nina. All my issues she did not know about came to the surface.
All my struggles and also pain were transformed with so much Clarity and Love.
As soon as she started I could feel this was Pure and from the heart.
Therefore I could feel safe and go deeper than ever before.
Even my grounding and connection with Gaia is much firmer and more stable now .
How could she know about my connection with the Hators and Egypt?
How could she know about my childhood in war time?
And my connection with archangel Micael. Maria Magdalena etc etc.

I would certainly recommend her as a very good Coach and 
Healer with so much devotion and unconditionnal Love.
Thank you so much Nina Kathrin.

– Erica Kuyten

Dear Nina,

Your work is awesome, I was really interested in the Meridian healing from the minute I met you, well probably from the minute I realised what powerful energy you have and what you’re expert in. 

I know lot about healings etc but never came in touch with anything like you offer. 
Of course I know about TCM and the meridians but not the way you do it.

I been watching you talking about it and it’s explains a lot and I can see ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE POTENTIAL and my mini healing was the proof of that!
Pain in my left thigh which I had for 18 months disappeared after the mini healing 
It’s been 2months and it did not come back
I use to have problem to walk because of the pain and sleeping was hard because of the pain. I tried everything and then after few minutes of your healing, it was gone.
Just like that.

Thank you lovely Nina

– Jana Hanusova

I had a healing session with Nina yesterday, which was a wonderful and grounding experience for me. I’ve been unwell recently and I think that had been conspiring with the irritants and unknown areas in my life to drag me into a place of doubt and misery; I’d lost belief in my path and very much needed to be reminded and encouraged back into my truth. Nina called in her angel helpers and together they gave me back my self-belief and pointed to ways I can continue to benefit from their assistance; I felt enormous release and ease after the session and slept wonderfully well last night! Brilliant work .. you have wonderful gifts, Nina Kathrin

– Anne Robson

I had a meridian activation with Nina last week. I didn’t know what to expect as I have not had one before. As we began chatting I felt like I was talking to an old friend! Once we began the session and her guides came through and she shared the messages I could feel the energy and also the tools they chose to use that I would recognize for me! After the session we chatted and I confirmed the branch used and that Archangel Raphael had shown up for me the week before and he is still with me.

I have begun to feel the movement and shift happening for my next level of awakening! I would recommend Nina if you’re ready to move that stuck energy! 
Thanks Nina! 

– Denise Russell

My healing session with Nina was amazing!! So many energies appeared and Nina was able to tell me why each one was there, what they were doing, and how they were helping me.

I felt tingles in various parts of my body almost the whole time and was able to see many of the things Nina was seeing! The healing gave me such a boost and renewed inspiration for the work I’m supposed to be doing. Thank you, Nina!!!

– Michelle Cornish

What a beautiful session! I immediately felt lighter after out healing session and a couple of hours later I could feel the energy flowing out of me!

Nina is a beautiful soul and guided me directly to where I had to go and gave me wonderful practical tips to support my new, energised state. Thank you for this lovely experience!


– Tanya Lochner

Thank you Nina Kathrin Weber for your gorgeous Meridian Activation Session which revealed that despite the years of inner work I had done on myself, I still had two knots on my liver meridian which indicated unresolved anger.

Thank you also for tuning and showing me the best modality to clear that anger. And thank you for confirming they are now almost gone. You rock!!!

– Ange de Lumiere

I am currently working with Nina in her 12 week 1-on-1 mentorship program, I am only halfway through and I have experienced so much healing and growth within myself  

Nina provides a loving and nurturing space with invaluable tools and teachings which have helped me truly understand what it feels like to connect to my heart space and feel the love within me.

Nina’s meditations have been AMAZING from removing blocks to meeting my “Higher Self”.

You are a gifted Healer and Mentor and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be working with you on my journey of healing and expansion 🙏🙏

Thank you beautiful Nina 

– Brigitte O'Bery

I started my weekly Meridian Energy Healing sessions with Nina two weeks ago and I am very excited about the results that I am getting!!

Nina is an amazing energy healer and she follows her intuition and knows exactly where the healing needs to be done. Nina has lovely healing energy and her voice is so calming and soothing.

She was guided to work on my heart meridian on our last call and she was spot on discovering the energetic blocks that I need to work on so I can move forward with my life and business.

Nina was also able to uncover what exactly has caused these blockages. If you feel drawn to work with Nina, do not hesitate to contact her!

Thank you Nina, I am looking forward to our next session this Sunday 

– Elitsa Maneva

Psychic Healer & Spiritual Mentor